Counselor’s Corner

A note from Mrs. Barnes:

Is there a right way to praise our children?  I think so!  Children are very smart and they know when they deserve our praise and when they’ve done nothing worthy praise.  It’s important when praising your children that you only praise them when they deserve it and give specific praise.  Just saying “good job” or “way to go” is OK every now and then but to truly praise your child, tell them (in a few words) specifically why you are praising them.  Example, when a child does well on their report card, instead of saying something like,” I’m so proud you made all A’s”, say “I’m so proud of the grades you made; learning seems to be important to you.  Doing all that homework and studying for those tests really paid off”.  Praise needs to motivate a child intrinsically (the why of doing well) not extrinsically (what can I get if I somehow manage to do well).


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