Counselor’s Corner

A note From Mrs. Barnes…

Mike Bailey, 6th grade teacher at SRCS, shared the following with our staff.   I loved what he had to say about teaching/parenting our children and wanted to share it with all of you. 

How shall we teach our children?  Jesus modeled at least two styles.  He spent times of formal teaching with His disciples.  These are planned and prearranged times of teaching.  There is also talk.  These are informal discussions about God, His Word, life, spirituality.  It naturally happens and is not forced or awkward.  Then we have spontaneous “life moments” to teach spiritual truth.  A lot of times this is what we refer to what is caught from others instead of taught with words.  I think these can be summarized with: teach, talk, walk.  It is not an either or.  We do not have to decide which one of these we should do.  We should do all three. 

Teach- Structured formal times

Talk- Informal discussions

Walk- Model Jesus Christ


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