Counselor’s Corner

A note from Mrs. Barnes…

How about some tips for making transitions easier for everyone?  Have you ever wanted your kids to move a little faster when you are ready to go somewhere?  Put yourself in your child’s shoes and think about what it would feel like if all of a sudden, your boss or “better half” demanded that you stop what you’re doing and immediately do something different.  Everyone likes a gentle warning when things are about to change.  Here are some tips:

  • Start explaining schedules when children are young; they may have no concept of time but will soon learn that our lives typically run on a schedule.
  • When regular schedules are interrupted or change, explain how sometimes things don’t always go as planned and we just “go with the flow”.
  • Give timed warnings that things are about to change. (Example:  In 10 minutes, we will need to leave.  In 5 minutes, we’ll be going; you should be preparing to leave.  In 1 minute we need to leave the house; will you be ready to go?)

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