Counselor’s Corner

A note from Mrs. Barnes…

How about some tips for making transitions easier for everyone?  Have you ever wanted your kids to move a little faster when you are ready to go somewhere?  Put yourself in your child’s shoes and think about what it would feel like if all of a sudden, your boss or “better half” demanded that you stop what you’re doing and immediately do something different.  Everyone likes a gentle warning when things are about to change.  Here are some tips:

  • Start explaining schedules when children are young; they may have no concept of time but will soon learn that our lives typically run on a schedule.
  • When regular schedules are interrupted or change, explain how sometimes things don’t always go as planned and we just “go with the flow”.
  • Give timed warnings that things are about to change. (Example:  In 10 minutes, we will need to leave.  In 5 minutes, we’ll be going; you should be preparing to leave.  In 1 minute we need to leave the house; will you be ready to go?)

A note from Mrs. Barnes…

Counselor’s Corner

In Sunday’s AJC, some great “Back to School Advice” was offered to parents.  I’d like to paraphrase a few tips for you:

  • #1 on the list was bedtimes! Bedtimes need to be routine and timed so that your child is getting plenty of sleep every night
  • Eat a healthy breakfast every morning
  • Read to your child at least 10-15 minutes daily (make it fun)
  • Check over homework
  • Spend quality time with your child (play a game or just talk)
  • Look over the papers your teacher sends home

I’ll be glad to elaborate on any or all of these tips if you’d like some suggestions, just call or stop by sometime!