February Chapel


Chapel Blog February, 2015

We live in a society that tends to focus on “ourselves” instead of looking out for others.  However, that philosophy is not what is taught throughout Scripture. Honoring others is a common theme throughout the Bible. The Old Testament is full of examples of people who honored others; and in the New Testament Jesus not only talked about the importance of honoring others, but He also showed us how to honor others.

When we put this teaching into practice, we help the world see Christ living in our lives.  Romans 12:10 reminds us that we need to, “Love each other deeply.  Honor others more than yourselves.”

Below is a snapshot as to what your child will learn during this month:

Honor:  letting someone know you see how valuable they are.


February 3– Bible Story: Samuel anoints David (I Samuel 16:1-13)

Bottom Line:  Honor those who are overlooked.

February 10– Bible Story:  David and Jonathan (I Samuel 18:1-9)

Bottom Line:  Honor others more than yourself.

February – Bible Story:  David dances before the Lord (2 Samuel 6:-12b-22a)

Bottom Line:  Honor God in front of others

As parents, we have a great responsibility to teach this concept to our children. Showing honor is a virtue that the world does not teach.  It is easy for children and adults to get caught up in the mindset:  “it’s all about me!” Throughout the month of February, discuss with your child ways to show honor to his/her parents, friends, teachers, coaches, grandparents, and other people whose paths they cross. Remind them that showing honor to others is a way to honor God!


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