Important Information

Hello everyone,


We hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and special time with your family.  We are looking forward to a fun week.  Please note the following information:

  • If your child is participating in the live nativity tomorrow night, he/she will need to meet in Mrs. Phillips’ Kindergarten classroom dressed in costume between 6:00-6:30.  We will take our places in the nativity at 7:00 in the courtyard. There will be a tree lighting immediately following the nativity.  You will need to check your child out from the Kindergarten classrooms after the nativity since it will be dark, and we do not want anyone getting lost.
  • Our field trip to the Center for Puppetry Arts is this Friday.  Your child will need to wear his/her red Strong Rock polo with jeans to school.  The bus will leave no later than 8:45.  The show begins at 10:00, and we will eat lunch in the Puppetry Arts lunchroom.  Your child will have a lunch from the cafeteria, however, some of you indicated you would send a lunchbox with your child.  Parents will need to follow the bus and bring your own lunch.  You may check your child out from the Puppetry Arts Center after lunch if you would like.


We are looking forward to this special week!


The Kindergarten Teachers



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