April Information

April Information for Kindergarten:

  • April 1-Our field trip is tomorrow. We will leave the school by 8:15. Students should wear jeans with a red Strong Rock polo shirt.
  • April 4- Kindergarten & 3rd grade Egg Drop. (See the newsletter for our times.)
  • April 4- Braves Day- Students can wear a Braves t-shirt or SRCS t-shirt with jeans.
  • April 7-11 Spring Break
  • April 17- Egg Hunt at 11:45 (Parent volunteers are needed at 11:30 to hide eggs.)
  • April 18- Good Friday (no school)
  • April 22-25 Testing
  • April 25- Family Movie Night
  • April 30- Character Breakfast

Spring Pictures

Spring Pictures (Only grades PreK-8th) – March 28, 2014

For girls and boys:
• No denim allowed

For girls:
• No spaghetti straps, halter-styled tops, or tank tops allowed unless covered by a sweater or jacket.
• No extreme earrings or hair accessories allowed.
• Shorts and skirts must be no shorter than two inches above the knee.
• Low-heeled sandals allowed, but no flip flops.
• Dresses, skirts, and capri pants suggested.

For boys:
• Collared shirts can be worn.
• No t-shirts allowed.
• Shorts may be worn with a belt.
• Dress shorts and dress pants suggested.
• Shoes and socks are suggested.
• Sandals are acceptable, but no flip-flops allowed.

Chevy Drive Program!!!!

It’s time for the “Chevy Drive Program”!!!

Last year, we raised over $5,000 that went towards the purchase of our mini-bus. This year, we have the opportunity to do it again! We will use the money raised to maintain our two “Chevy Drive” buses along with our recently purchased, third bus!

Here are the details –
For every individual, 21 or older, that goes to Bellamy Strickland Chevrolet by April 15th and test drives a car, $50 will be given back to the school. All you have to do is go by the dealership, test drive a car, and validate your test drive voucher card online. This can all be done at the dealership.

Bellamy Strickland has just completed their new Chevrolet building so check out the new facility while you are there.

Chevy has provided SRCS with 60 test drive opportunities until April 15th. We automatically get an additional $1,000 after we complete 10 test drives. After April 15th we may have the opportunity for more test drives. This is where competition comes into this year’s Chevy Drive. Another school in the area is doing the same program at Bellamy Strickland. If we complete our 60 test drives by April 15th we can then continue to do test drives if the other school does not get 60 by April 15th.

When you arrive at the dealership tell them that you are here for the “Strong Rock” test drive, and they will put you in the car of your choice or you can select from the cars they already have sitting close by. No pressure from the dealership just a great opportunity to support the school!

Don’t forget APRIL 15th is the first deadline.

Chapel Update

Louis Zamperini was on a WWII reconnaissance run when his plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean. He was captured and held as a POW, enduring two years of verbal and physical torture. When he returned home at the end of the war, Mr. Zamperini continued to suffer regular nightmares and felt his life spinning out of control. Until he heard Billy Graham deliver a message about forgiveness. Mr. Zamperini found the guards who had haunted him and chose to fogive them. He hasn’t had a nightmare since.
“The hardest thing in life is to forgive.” Mr. Zamperini said. “But healing, real healing only comes from forgiveness.” See more of Louis Zamperini’s inspiring story of the power of forgiveness here.
Forgiveness is deciding that someone who has wronged you doesn’t have to pay. When we choose to forgive others, it’s a response to the great love and forgiveness God has shown us. Forgiveness means letting go of what someone did to us in order to restore the relationship.
But forgiveness isn’t always a simple exchange. What if the person never apologizes? Forgive anyway. What if the person does it again? Forgive again. What if the person never changes? Keep on forgiving. By controlling how you respond and making an alternate choice to forgive, you can delete the impact of what that person did to you.
The monthly memory verse is: “Forgive the things you are holding against one another. Forgive, just as the Lord forgave you,” Colossians 3:13, NIrV. Through God’s forgiveness, we are inspired to love, serve, and give to others. His forgiveness changes our eternity. And our forgiveness of others can impact their futures.
In Week One’s Bible story, Jesus told a story about a son who sinned against his father (Luke 15:11-20). He owned what he did was wrong and returned home to seek his father’s forgiveness. Our Bottom Line is: Everyone needs to be forgiven, even me.
In Week Two’s Bible story, the older brother chose not to forgive the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:21-32). He missed out on a party and also missed out on rebuilding a relationship with his brother. Our Bottom Line is: When you don’t forgive, you miss out.
In Week Three’s Bible story, Peter thought he was doing well to forgive someone seven times (Matthew 18:21-35). Jesus raised the stakes when He said we should forgive others even more. Our Bottom Line is: Since God forgave you, you should forgive others.
In Week Four’s Bible story, Jesus teaches about judging with an example of someone who needs to focus on his own problems before pointing out his friend’s. (Matthew 7:1-5). Our Bottom Line is: Be careful not to judge others, because you’ve been wrong too.
In Week Five’s Bible story, Zacchaeus was a tax collector who stole money from people (Luke 19:1-10). Jesus offered him forgiveness, which changed Zacchaeus’ outlook on life. Our Bottom Line is: When people are forgiven, it can change them.

If you would like to use this article in communication with parents and leaders in your church, feel free, so long as you (1) make no changes to the article, and (2) include the following credit line with the article: By Jessica McKee ©2013 The reThink Group. All rights reserved. http://www.ThinkOrange.com

*Used by permission.

March 3-7, 2014

  • Please send in a 1” binder for your child if you have not already done so.
  •  Field trip forms and money due Friday.
  • Open Enrollment has begun. Please enroll as soon as possible to secure your spot for next year.
  • Denim & Diamonds Dinner & Auction is March 7 at 6:00 pm. See the school website for details.
  • March 12– 2nd Cup of Coffee at 8:15
  • Donuts with Dad is March 18.
  • The deadline for Read to Succeed has been extended until Friday. You may log books your child read from January until now.