It’s Football Time!!!!


patriotGOOOOOOO Patriots!

We have spirit, yes we do!

We have spirit, how ’bout you??


Please come and cheer on the Patriots at 7:30 Friday Night!

Stadium reminders:

  •      Upper level of the stadium is not allowed for elementary students. Please do not go beyond the stairwells located   midway up the bleachers.
  •  Please do not bring your own football to play/throw in the stadium. There is no grassy area designated for play.
  •  Please do not stand against the railing and watch the game. You may block other’s view of the game.
  •  Show Patriot Pride when interacting with others, especially the guests that come to see the teams play.
  •  Please cheer on the Patriots!

One thought on “It’s Football Time!!!!

  1. Steve Ellington

    At this Friday’s game the SRCS Flag Football programs will be participating in both pre-game and halftime activities. Please come out to support and recognize our kindergarten cheerleaders and football players for their hard work this season. Go Patriots!

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