Reminders for next week…

• The Book Fair will be going on all next week! (Sep. 30-Oct. 4) You can send money in your child’s folder labeled “Book Fair” if you would like one of the Kindergarten teachers to take them. You are also welcome to take your child during the day or after school. The Book Fair hours are:

o 7:30-3:30- Monday – Thursday
o 7:30-12:00- Friday in the cafeteria
o The library will be closed next week. We will not be able to check out any new
books until Monday, October 14.

• Friday, Oct. 4- Grandparents Day (HALF DAY OF SCHOOL-Elementary dismissal is at 11:30 am)
o There will be no SAGE breakfast served this day. However, SR will sell Chick-fil-A
biscuits starting at 7:00 am in the cafeteria. They are $2.00 and first-come,
o Elementary Grandparents Day will be from 8:30-9:15 am. Grandparents are welcome to
come to our classroom at 8:15, and take their grandchild to the gym for the program.
o SIGN-OUTS: Grandparents will need to return the student back to his/her homeroom
after the program in the gym to sign out with the teacher if they will be checking
out. However, we can only release the child if the guest is listed on his/her
yellow card or if you return the purple invitation giving us permission. We must
have written permission. Thank you for understanding.

• Since Friday is a half-day of school, the After School Program will not be offered to students.


• Oct. 7-11 — FALL BREAK

Have a wonderful weekend!


Star Students!


Mrs. P’s Class
-favorite color is pink
-loves to eat shrimp
-likes to watch Animal Planet
-loves dolphins
-enjoys going to Pet Smart

Mrs. C’s Class

-favorite colors are pink and purple
-loves cheese pizza
-enjoys going to “jumpy places”
-likes listening to music
-likes to play tag at PE

Mrs. W’s Class
-favorite color is green
-likes playing with Hotwheels
-participates in gymnastics
-enjoys going to McDonald’s
-loves playing Disney Infinity

Star Students!


Mrs. W’s Class
-favorite color is red
-likes to eat chicken nuggets
-loves Power Rangers
-plays football
-enjoys going to McDonald’s

Mrs. P’s Class
-favorite color is red
-loves Spiderman
-enjoys going to Walmart
-plays football
-favorite special is PE

Mrs. C's Class
Andrea 001
-favorite colors are pink and purple
-likes to eat spinach
-enjoys playing Barbies
-loves to watch TV
-likes to visit McDonald’s

Way to go, Super Stars!!!!