Super Star Students!














Mrs. C’s Star Student


– favorite colors are blue and green
– likes black-eyed peas
– loves cupcakes
– enjoys playing football
– favorite Superhero is Superman

Mrs. P’s Star Student

















– favorite color is green
– loves pizza
– likes to play with his toy crane
– plays baseball
– enjoys playing games on the computer

Mrs. W’s Star Student

















– favorite color is green
– likes to eat at Dippin’ Dots
– enjoys playing Skylander
– loves to swim
– favorite special is Computer

Way to go, Super Stars!



Homecoming is September 9th – 13th!
Students may dress up each day. Please see Dress-Up Guidelines below:

•Monday, Sept. 9th- Open Season Day (camouflage)
•Wear your camo, blaze orange, Duck Dynasty gear, etc…

•Tuesday, Sept. 10th- Future Career Day
•Dress up in a uniform/outfit for your future career

•Wednesday, Sept. 11th- Disney Day
•Dress up like your favorite Disney character

•Thursday, Sept. 12th- Favorite Holiday Day
•Wear an outfit that represents your favorite Holiday!

•Friday, Sept. 13th- Spirit Day:
•Wear any SRCS/Patriot Gear, jeans, SRCS shirt

•Homecoming Parade (6:30) *Parade starts at the Rock, progress towards the school, and end at the ticket booth area at the south end of the stadium.

•Game (7:30) *Cheer for the Patriots!!

**Dress-Up Guidelines•No Flip-Flops, sandals, or open-toed shoes.
•All shorts/skirts that are worn must be to the knee and loose fitting.
•If students wear tights or leggings as part of the costume they must wear shorts/skirt over the tights/leggings. These shorts/skirts must also be to the knee and loose-fitting.
•Jeans with holes, rips, or tear are not allowed. Jean shorts/capris are allowed (to the knee or longer).
•Face paint is not allowed.
•Temporary face tattoos and hair paint are allowed if part of the theme/costume.
•All tops must have sleeves. No low-cut shirts.

Gooooo Patriots!!!

Super Star Students!


Star Student in Mrs. W’s Class


– her favorite color is green
– loves to eat fried chicken
– likes to play hopscotch
– enjoys P.E.
– loves playing house with her babydoll

Star Student in Mrs. C’s Class


– likes the colors green and blue
– loves to eat ice cream
– enjoys playing Batman
– loves his pets
– loves Poptropica

Star Student in Mrs. P’s Class


– her favorite color is pink
– loves to eat sweet potatoes
– enjoys Spanish class
– loves Cinderella
– likes to watch Daffy Duck on TV

Way to go, Super Stars!!!

Star Students!


Star Student in Mrs. P’s Class


– loves camouflage and the color blue
– likes to eat apples
– his favorite toy is Superman
– likes to watch the show Jessie on Disney Channel
– enjoys visiting water parks, the zoo, and the circus

Star Student in Mrs. W’s Class


– loves the color pink
– her favorite food is steak
– likes to play with her Barbies
– likes to sing and dance
– loves to ride horses
– enjoys cheerleading and competes in competitions

Star Student in Mrs. C’s Class


– loves the color purple
– her favorite food is white rice
– likes to play with her Barbies and her drums
– enjoys playing soccer and doing gymnastics
– loves to go to Monkey Joes

Way to go, Kindergarten Super Stars!