Skyping in Kindergarten

Today we Skyped with Mrs. Carrie who is currently living in China. Individual students took turns asking her questions about life in China. These are the questions that we asked:

1. What part of China do you live in? and do you like living there?

2. What is your favorite food there?

3. What is the weather like this time of year?

4. How do you say hello in Chinese?

5. Is there anything from America that you cannot find in China?

6. Do they have toy stores where you live?

7. Are there any TV shows in English?

8. What kind of transportation do you use?

The Kindergarteners loved hearing from Mrs. Carrie, and did a great job with our Skype session. Here is a link to Mrs. Carrie’s family blog :

Super Scientist Austin in Mrs. B’s Class

Super Scientist Austin taught Mrs. B’s class about the color reaction to the chemicals in different types of paper. He took a flower petal and used his finger to rub it on different types of paper to see how it turns different colors. Due to the chemicals in different types of paper, the color is different from the same petal. He also used the leaves from a plant to demonstrate the same reaction. Then all of the kids has a chance to try the expermient too! They LOVED it! Great job Super Scientist Austin!





Super Scientist Kailyn in Mrs. P’s Class



IMG_3585Super Scientist Kailyn showed us how to make and placed the paper clip float. She filled a cup with water and placed the paper on the top of the water and then placed the paperclip on the tissue. The tissue paper helped it float. She then took a pencil and tried to push down the tissue while the paper clip remained on the water. The paperclip isn’t really floating, it is being held up by the surface tension. Great job, Kailyn!