Super Scientist Wellesley in Mrs. B’s Class

Super Scientist Wellesley taught Mrs. B’s class “Why the is Sky Blue.” She had two glasses of water. Then she added 1 tablespoon of milk to one of the glasses of water. She shined a flashlight through the glasses, and she held a piece of white paper behind the glasses. The light went through the water without milk. However, the light was bounced off the fat molecules of the milk and made the liquid look blue. Red light does not scatter as much…so it looked pink (or reddish) when it went through the glass with the milk added. The sky is just like this glass with milk. The light from the sun scatters from particles of dust or water vapor making the sky look blue. The students loved taking turns using the flashlight to shine the light through the glasses. Great job Super Scientist Wellesley!






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