Kindergarten Presidential Lettuce Garden

Today the Kindergarten students were visited by “Rosemary” and “Daisy” from “Sweet Mama’s Garden” to teach us about gardening. We learned that foods on our plates should be colorful to give us lots of vitamins. We also learned that vegetables and vitamins give us a party in our mouth.

We also learned that Thomas Jefferson had over 32 varieties of lettuce when he was president. The Kindergarteners will also be growing a variety of lettuce. Rosemary and Daisy helped us plant our lettuce seeds today, and we will be tending to our Presidential Lettuce Garden each day. We are expecting our seeds to sprout within one week.

Rosemary and Daisy:

IMG_4703 IMG_4701

IMG_4705 Cain lettucePhillips lettuce Woodmansee lettuce

Planting our lettuce seeds with Rosemary and Daisy:


Here it is…Our Kindergarten Presidential Lettuce Garden:





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