Super Scientist Addison

Super Scientist Addison showed Mrs. C’s class a Wax Resist Painting. Addison used a candle to draw a “secret picture.” Then, she painted over the drawing with water colors to reveal her picture. Where the wax is, the water in the paint is repelled and so the paint either runs off it or collects in little drops on it. The students loved this experiment. Great job, Super Scientist Addison!!!

Addison SS 001

Addison SS 002

Addison SS 004

Addison SS 007


Help us “Give Cancer the Boot”

Please see the information below concerning Mini-Relay and Relay for Life Information for this week:

Help us “Give Cancer the Boot”
Students can purchase
Relay for Life footprints for $1.00.
The grade level with the most footprints
will lead our relay parade on 4/26.
Footprints will be on sale
Monday-Friday, April 22-26 from
7:30-8:00 at the After school desk.

Relay for Life
Jeans Day
Friday, April 26
If you purchased a 2013
“Relay for Life” t-shirt you can wear jeans
on Friday. If you did not purchase a
“Relay for Life” t-shirt you can give a $2
donation to Relay and wear blue jeans, a
SRCS shirt or a relay for
life shirt.

Henry County Relay
Friday, April 26
Ola High School
6:00 p.m.
All SRCS families are invited to join the Relay for Life of Henry County on Friday, April 26 at 7:00 pm at Ola
High School. Contact Brooke Barnett for more information:

6th Annual SRCS Mini-Relay
Friday, April 26
1:30 p.m.
Strong Rock Team has raised over $7,260.11 to date.
All Cancer Survivors and Caregivers are invited to participate in our Mini-Relay. Meet in the gym at 1:20. We
will begin at 1:30. Survivors and Caregivers will participate in an honorary lap in our school building followed
by our program in the gym. If you are able to attend, please contact Amanda Boutelle at aboutelle@strongrock.
com with the following information:
* name(s)
* survivor or caregiver?
* If you are a survivor, please give us the number of years.
* If you are a caregiver, is it in honor or memory & name of person(s) who have/had cancer?
* Please provide us with your e-mail address for correspondence regarding the SRCS Mini Relay.

Super Scientist Ava!

Super Scientist Ava taught Mrs. C’s class about things that float and things that sink. She brought in a balloon filled with air, a balloon filled with water, a bottle filled with air, a bottle filled with water, and a bottle filled with half air and half water. Ava asked the class to predict which objects would sink and which would float. Then she demonstrated by putting the items in a tub of water. The students really enjoyed Ava’s experiment! Great job, Super Scientist Ava!!!

Ava SS 002

Ava SS 003

Super Scientist Wellesley in Mrs. B’s Class

Super Scientist Wellesley taught Mrs. B’s class “Why the is Sky Blue.” She had two glasses of water. Then she added 1 tablespoon of milk to one of the glasses of water. She shined a flashlight through the glasses, and she held a piece of white paper behind the glasses. The light went through the water without milk. However, the light was bounced off the fat molecules of the milk and made the liquid look blue. Red light does not scatter as much…so it looked pink (or reddish) when it went through the glass with the milk added. The sky is just like this glass with milk. The light from the sun scatters from particles of dust or water vapor making the sky look blue. The students loved taking turns using the flashlight to shine the light through the glasses. Great job Super Scientist Wellesley!





Kindergarten Presidential Lettuce Garden

Today the Kindergarten students were visited by “Rosemary” and “Daisy” from “Sweet Mama’s Garden” to teach us about gardening. We learned that foods on our plates should be colorful to give us lots of vitamins. We also learned that vegetables and vitamins give us a party in our mouth.

We also learned that Thomas Jefferson had over 32 varieties of lettuce when he was president. The Kindergarteners will also be growing a variety of lettuce. Rosemary and Daisy helped us plant our lettuce seeds today, and we will be tending to our Presidential Lettuce Garden each day. We are expecting our seeds to sprout within one week.

Rosemary and Daisy:

IMG_4703 IMG_4701

IMG_4705 Cain lettucePhillips lettuce Woodmansee lettuce

Planting our lettuce seeds with Rosemary and Daisy:


Here it is…Our Kindergarten Presidential Lettuce Garden:




Super Scientist John Ryan

Super Scientist John Ryan taught Mrs. C’s class how to blow up a balloon with carbon dioxide. John Ryan poured 40ml of water into a bottle and added a teaspoon of baking soda. He shook the bottle until the soda dissolved. Then, he poured in some lemon juice and quickly put a balloon over the mouth of the bottle. He shook the bottle again, and the balloon inflated!!! The lemon juice and baking soda combine in the water to create carbon dioxide. The gas rises and fills the balloon! Great job, Super Scientist John Ryan!

Lettuce 015

Lettuce 016

Lettuce 017

Lettuce 018

Lettuce 020

Lettuce 021