Super Scientist Gabriel from Mrs. C’s class!

Super Scientist Gabriel taught our class about magnets. He brought in several items and let the class predict if the item and magnet would attract. We even had a prediction chart! Gabriel and the class made some fascinating discoveries! Students were amazed that the key and the dime did not stick to the magnet. Gabriel allowed all of his friends to investigate the magnets and objects. Thanks for a great experiment, Gabriel!

Gabriel Super Scientist 001

Gabriel Super Scientist 002

Gabriel Super Scientist 015

Gabriel Super Scientist 014

Gabriel Super Scientist 006


Super Scientist Jacob from Mrs. B’s Class

Super Scientist Jacob taught Mrs. B’s class about Groovy Lava Lamps. He combined oil and water (with food coloring) in a bottle. Then he showed us how to turn the bottle on the side, shake the bottle, and move the bottle. The oil and water would always separated again…you could not permanently mix the two liquids! Each student had a turn with the experiment. Great job Super Scientist Jacob!





We’ve Been in School for 101 Days!

Today we dressed up as the 101 Dalmations for our 101st Day of School!

We had a special guest reader today too: Cruella de Vil!



Happy 101st Day of School from Mrs. B’s Puppies Class:


Happy 101st Day of School from Mrs. W’s Puppies Class:

Mrs. W 101

Happy 101st Day of School from Mrs. P’s Puppies Class:

phillips 101

Happy 101st Day of School from Mrs. C’s Puppies Class:

cain 101

Happy 100th Day of School!

Zero the Hero and his sister, Zerona, came to visit us today for the 100th Day of School!



We had a “100” day snack today to celebrate!


We made hats with 100 dots (10 paint dots on 10 paper strips=100 dots)


We made necklaces with 100 Froot Loops.



We drew ourselves how we think we’ll look when we’re 100 years old.



We made pictures from the numbers in 100.




Happy 100th Day from Mrs. C’s Class:

Mrs. C

Mrs C silly

Happy 100th Day from Mrs. B’s Class:

Mrs. B silly

Mrs. B

Happy 100th Day from Mrs. P’s Class:

Mrs. P Silly

Mrs. P

Happy 100th Day from Mrs. W’s Class:

Mrs. W silly

Mrs. W