March Chapel

Chapel Blog for March 2019


     Theme: Discover who you were Meant to Be

march chapel

              INDIVIDUALITY- Discovering who you are meant to be

Key Verse: “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.”  Psalm 139:14

God is one of a kind, with no beginning and no end. Everything He has created is unique and one-of-a-kind, including people created in His image. Every person is an original reflection of God. As God’s creation, we need to be who He created us to be and by doing so, make a difference to the world around us.


March 5

Bible Story: The Image of God – Genesis 1:26 – 2:18


Bottom Line:  God made me in His image.


March 12


Bible Story:  The Lost Sheep – Luke 15:1-7


Bottom Line:  God wants to have a relationship with me.


March 19

Bible Story:  The story of Timothy – Timothy 4:12

Bottom Line:  God made me to make a difference.

March 26


2nd Grade Music Program


Based on Orange 252 Basics


Spring Pictures


spring pic


Spring Pictures (Grades PreK-8th) – March 6, 2019


For girls and boys: 

  • No denim allowed


For girls:

  • No spaghetti straps, halter-styled tops, or tank tops allowed unless covered by a sweater or jacket.
  • No extreme earrings or hair accessories allowed.
  • Shorts and skirts must be no shorter than two inches above the knee.
  • Low-heeled sandals allowed, but no flip flops.
  • Dresses, skirts, and capri pants suggested.


For boys:

  • Collared shirts can be worn.
  • No t-shirts allowed.
  • Shorts may be worn with a belt.
  • Dress shorts and dress pants suggested.
  • Shoes and socks are suggested.
  • Sandals are acceptable, but no flip-flops allowed.




February Chapel

Chapel Blog for February 2019

Theme: Always Open – Service with a smile

Service – Lending a hand to help someone else

Key Verse:  “Jesus sat down and called for the 12 disciples to come to him. Then he said, ‘Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last.  They must be the servant of everyone.’” Mark 9:35

Jesus demonstrated what serving really means by washing the feet of His disciples and even laying down his life for the sins of the world. We reflect His character to the people around us when we lend a hand and serve.


February 5
Bible Story: Jesus washes the disciples’ feet – John 13:1-17

 Bottom Line:  Serve others because of what Jesus did for us.


 February 12

 Bible Story:  Meet people’s needs – 1 Peter 4:10-11

 Bottom Line:  Look for ways to serve others.


 February 19


February 26

 Bible Story:  Give in Secret – Mathew 6:1-4

 Bottom Line:  Serve others without looking for applause.





Based on Orange 252 Basics